Long May You Live

CLOSING on Saturday 9 March 2013

Health, Happiness, fitness …

Long May You Live showcase 34 interactive exhibits about health, food habits, alcohol & drugs, happiness, quality of life, sports, physiology, physical and physical capacities, memory, adaptation, wear and tear, life span (of humans and animals), diet, stress … 

Personal approach

Visitors get a unique, personal bracelet to identify themselves at each exhibit.  That way the exhibits know who they are and what language to use. Visitors can keep track of their personal results, and they can compare them with the average of all visitors and of their own age group.  At the end of their visit they can get a printed version of their results.

Broad View

The exhibits not only cover “hard” science (blood pressure, heart rhythm, calories), but also human psychology (happiness, stress, laughing, spending behavior, personal choices) and sociology (causes of death, life expectation in different continents).  Human health is approached from the medical side (osteoporosis, drug dependence, hearing loss), but also from the behavioral side (eating habits) and the fitness side (rowing, stepping, wheelchair track, limberness).  Alongside the healthy body, also the healthy mind is put to the test: visual and word memory, face recognition, pattern recognition, language skills, mental arithmetic.

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