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TSCK’s exterior consists of a rich array of textured and colored pre cast panels, wood windows and screens, fabric canopies, and glass (to enclosure the central spaces.)  The Scientific Center occupies an area of 80,000 sqm, some of which is reclaimed land.  The built up space of the center is approximately 18,000 sqm and is compromised of 3 major attractions: the Aquarium, Discovery Place, and the IMAX theatre. In addition the center also houses a gift shop, cafes, and restaurants.  The top floors are the premises of the administration offices, training and conference halls. The exterior walls of the center are mud colored, inspired by traditional Kuwaiti dwellings of the past. The tent and sail like structures that appear above and around the center are reminiscent of Kuwait’s maritime history.  The ceramic floors of the corridors inside the center contain Islamic art patterns and the walls reveal traditional (SADU) weaving designs.

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